If you're not sure where to start:

Launch Your Lead Gen Agency Under 24 Hours And Get Rock-Solid Foundations From Scaling Over 203+ Agencies

What You'll Learn:

  • How To Capitalize On The B2B LGA Model Correctly So You Don't Spend Months Doing Work That Gets You Nowhere
  • ​How To Pick Your First 6-Figure Niche Where You Have An Immediate Advantage Over Your Competition
  • The Offer Structure That We've Used To Generate Millions & What Market Data Has Shown Us To Be The Real "No-Brainer" Offers After The Alex-Calypse (Hormozi's $100M Offers)
  • The Exact VSL Writing Formula I Use To Deliver $15,000+ Projects For Clients
  • BONUS: Your Blue Ocean Niche Calculator – Enter Your Details & It Gives Your Niche Based On Our Data & Your Characteristics
  • ​BONUS: Landing Page Template So You Don't Have To Spend Too Much Time On It 

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Most people new to outbound & cold email lead gen believe they need to get the secret flashy stuff.

But proper foundations of an agency is all that matters to:

1. Start seeing revenue results for your own agency

2. Improve your outbound campaign metrics 

3. Stand out in the market and establish yourself as a real player

And building a big house on shaky foundations is harder than laying a solid foundation first.

This is a program covering the foundations of a lead gen agency.

We've perfected these steps for the last 19 months. 

These steps are the most efficient way to go from total beginner to breaking $5,000, $10,000 and even $20,000+ monthly revenue as fast as possible.

If you're looking to build a Lead Gen Agency but don't know where to start...

Or want to build cold outreach funnels for your B2B service biz and don't know where to start...

This is for you. 

I'm Leevi...

I lead a 80-person sales team and built the best performing team in a 8-figure company.

I scaled my LGA from $0 to over $40,000/mo in less than 6 months thanks to rock solid foundations.

We've built and scaled over 203 lead gen agencies from 0 with this protocol.

We've built our B2B clients these assets for outbound lead gen to 5x their revenue in less than 78 days.

Unfortunately, it hasn't helped me get a thicker mustache.

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