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Kasper Korhonen
Helsinki, Finland

From running ad campaigns for political candidates...

To building a $65,000/mo B2B lead gen agency... a year and a half.

From A College Dropout To $65,000/mo In 16 Months

How Wyatt Scaled His Lead Gen Agency From $500/mo To $76,145/mo PROFIT In 9 Months

Wyatt Beemer, Minnesota, Minneapolis

From running a failed lead gen agency at $500/mo...

To cashing $76,145 in a single month... 9 months.

Emil Jørgensen, 
Viborg, Denmark

 Certified Expert

 Certified Partner

From shiny object syndrome and making $0...

To running a $25,000/mo lead generation agency... 19 weeks.

From $0 to $25,000/mo In 19 Weeks In A Difficult Niche

From Struggling To Pay Rent To $15,000/mo In 150 Days

Johannes Fessler, 
Marbella, Spain

 Certified Partner

From struggling to pay his rent...

To making $15,000 and landing a $2 billion client... 150 days.

Jack Hayward, 
Oxford, UK

 Certified Expert

 Certified Partner

From working a 9-5...

To making $12,000/mo, quitting his job and becoming financially free... 180 days.

From A Software Developer To A $12,000/mo Agency And Quitting His Job

Developing A Cold Email Operating System & Making Over $20,000 A Month 

 René-Karl Lambert, Quebec, Canada

 Certified Partner

 Certified Partner

From building $4.5M pipeline with cold email...

To building a lead gen operating system and getting to $20,000/mo 5 months.

Damien Elsing, 
Melbourne, Australia

From a $10,000/mo agency...

To collecting over $100,000 in deals... 90 days.

From A $10,000/mo SMMA Agency To Collecting $100,000+ 90 Days

From Losing Money With His Agency To $15,000/mo In 4 Months

Kai Cabero, 
London, UK

From a few clients and no results...

To making $15,000 and booking the biggest Web3 companies for his clients... 3 months.

Josh Craig, 
Denver, Colorado

He quit his 9-5...

And made $20,000/mo while getting results for his clients... 10 weeks.

From Quitting His 9-5 And Making $20,000/mo In 12 Weeks

From $0 To $10,000 A Month In 7 Weeks

Haig Prince, 
Ventura, California

From testing different business models...

To making $10,000 by partnering with established B2B companies... 7 weeks.

Omar Abdalla, 
Helsinki, Finland

From trying a business after business...

To making $13,000 every single month with a lead generation agency... 3 months.

From Failing At Business For 3 Years To $13,000/mo In 3 Months

From $500 To $10,000 A Month And Becoming Financially Free In 180 Days

Joona Laakso, 
Helsinki, Finland

From trying dropshipping & SMMA...

To making $10,000 and becoming financially free... 180 days.

Luke Pisacane
San Luis Obispo, California

From failing with an SMMA agency for 9 months...

To hitting his first $10,000 month... 116 days.

From A Failing SMMA Agency To A $10,000/mo Lead Gen Agency 

From 9-5 Sales Rep To A $15,000/mo Lead Gen Agency In 16 Weeks

($25,000+/mo in March 2023)

Daniel Sannagård, Uppsala, Sweden

From working as a 9-5 sales rep...

To making $15,000/mo with his Lead Gen Agency... 16 weeks

Michael Choi, China

From looking at different trends on TikTok...

To running a $20,000/mo Lead Gen Agency... 4 months.

From Doing Nothing And Earning $0 To A $20,000/mo Lead Gen Agency In 4 Months

($25,000+/mo in March 2023)

From Running A Failed SMMA Agency To Building A $17,000/mo Lead Gen Agency In 35 days

($30,000+/mo in March 2023)

Oliver Skaanild, Copenhagen, Denmark

From running an SMMA for 2 years and making $0/mo...

To scaling to $17,000/mo with a Lead Gen Agency... 35 days

Joel Stoehr, Hamburg, Germany

From running an Amazon Ad agency and struggling...

To making $18,000 with a brand new Lead Gen Agency... 4 weeks

From Running A Failed Paid Ad Agency To Making $18,000 With A Lead Gen Agency In 4 Weeks

Closing 5 Clients & Collecting $20,000 In 2 Weeks

Philip Nordenfelt, Sweden

From building businesses and never being able to sell...

To seeing lead gen as black magic and getting to $20,000/mo...

Brennan Chong,

From getting fired from his sales job and trying dropshipping...

To building a $20,000/mo agency... 35 days

Jeremy Dixon, 

From closing a few clients on his own...

To building $25,000/mo agency that feels like a real business. 30 days.

From A Scattered Agency To $10,000+ A Month In 30 Days ($25,000+ in March 2024) 

From "Having No Idea About Business" To Building A $10,000/mo Agency

Teodor Serghe, Romania

From not having any idea how a business works...

To building a $10,000/mo with a Lead Gen Agency... 9 months.


From working as a product manager...

To collecting $12,500 in a single month without any performance fees... 111 days.

From Working A 9-5 To A $12,500/mo Lead Gen Agency 

From No Business Experience To $10,000 A Month In 180 Days

Aaman Ahmed, 
Milton Keynes, UK

From having no business experience whatsoever...

To making $10,000 a month and working whenever he wants... 180 days.

Wesley Hoang, 

From failing different businesses like AIAA and dropshipping...

To collecting $10,600 just setup fees... 60 days.

From A Failing AIAA Agency To Collecting $10,600 With A Lead Gen Agency In 60 Days

Pivoting From An Unprofitable SMMA To $30,000/mo In 12 Months

Joe Boyle, 

From running an unprofitable SMMA...

To building a $30,000/mo lead generation agency 12 months.

Noah Gill, 
Gothenburg, Sweden

From working with 2 low-paying clients and barely making any revenue...

To getting to consistent $10,000 months... 8 months.

From 2 Low-Paying Clients To $10,000 In 8 Months

Running An Unprofitable SMMA To $15,000/mo LGA 

John Ma, 
California, USA

From running an unprofitable SMMA...

To building a $15,000/mo lead generation agency.

Noah Snelgrove, 
Massachusetts, USA

From a regular college student doing odd jobs here and there...

To building a 6-figure agency and travelling the world... 7 months.

Building A 6-Figure B2B Growth Marketing Agency In 7 Months 

From Never Doing Outbound Before To Making $10,000/mo In 2.5 Months

Imran Jimoh, 
United Kingdom

From getting an engineering degree...

To having a $10,000 week... just 2 months.

Brian Burns,

From working in-house as a sales rep...

To building his own lead generation business and making $13,000/mo... 6 months.

From Working In-House As A Sales Rep To Making $13,000/mo And Building A Team

From Pivoting From FB Ads To Outbound Lead Gen & Getting To $25,000/mo In 13 Weeks

Hwi So, 
Auckland, New Zealand

From FB ads and dropshipping...

To hitting $25,000/mo with a lead gen agency... just 13 weeks.

Aaron Ensminger,

From being a broke college student not wanting to work a 9-5...

To building his own lead generation business and making $12,000/mo with no previous experience... 6 months.

From A Broke College Student To $12,000/mo LGA & Having A Real Impact In Clients' Lives

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